Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Disneybound - Merida

I am Merida!
And I'll be shooting for my own hand!
- Merida, Brave

If you've not yet watched Brave you really should, so delighted to hear that Merida will be the first Pixar Disney Princess crossover, it's her coronation on May 11th!

I really wanted to use this huge necklace on Merida and Kuzco but it's Celtic and fitted Merida better.

Bear necklaces/bracelets are so hard to find, designers need to get on that!! Instead I used Perception's Sagittarius necklace which is so delicately beautiful, the exact opposite of what a Bow and Arrow should be.... unless you're Merida

Saff/B xx

Poses @ D.Luxx - I do believe in faries
Top by Pink Outfitters @ Zodiac - Pollock Tank in green
Hair @ Exile - Crazy in Love in Cayenne
Feet @ Gos
Hands @ Slink
Trousers @ coldLogic - simmonds in clover
Skin @ the Skinnery - sasha in champagne
Necklace @ Casual Lies - Celtic Necklace
Necklace @ Perception - bow and arrow necklace

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