Saturday, 13 April 2013

Inventory Spring Cleaning

I'm spring cleaning my inventory so I'm blogging something old and new and things in between!

 This first dress is a lovely coldLogic new release along with an oldish new release from Magika, I adore this hair, I don't think I wear short often enough!

I'm quite glad that some of Magika's styles don't suit me otherwise I'd own the whole shop because the work put into the hair is seriously amazing!


Dress @ coldLogic - bailey in watermelon
Hair @ Magika - plenty
Pose @ !bang
Feet @ Gos

Pose @ label motion
Hair @ Wasabi Pills - Sachiko
Dress @ Hucci - Carora
Skin @ The Skinnery - Kate Verve in Champagne

Saff/B xx

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