Friday, 28 October 2011

One of those moods

Today I'm not very well so I shan't wax lyrical too much over the gorgeous finds I've located today for my Look of the Day!
I think we all know by now that The Sea Hole is one of my favourite shops and a notice came out pointing me towards Seraphim which is a blog with an inworld location. The Sea Hole has released some lovely dresses to the people of the in world Seraphim group!
I pretty much clicked everything they had and mishmashed it together. The rest of my outfit are from the sales on right now or cheapies I've grabbed!

[below] a close up of the hair, make up, earrings and eyepatch.
Why an eyepatch you ask? Well I saw it, loved it, saw the price, loved it more, had to have it!

Dress by The Sea Hole @ Seraphim (free)
Makeup by Aura @ Seraphim (free)
Earrings by Kosh @ Seraphim

Eyepatch @ Bird Next Door Shop (20L)
Hair @ e (66L - sale runs til tomorrow!)
Shoes @ Maai (75L - sale runs until next week)
Skin @ Mamboo Chic (past lucky board)
Poses  @ LAP

Saff/B xx

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