Sunday, 21 October 2012

Murder 1

The ditzy blonde, always the first to die in a horror movie... well not her, she dip-dyed the tips of her hair, especially for this hallowe'en
Creeping through the darkened room she spotted a bloody handprint, a hatchet glinted in the moonlight hanging from a bloodied coat...

Stumbling away she glanced around in horror, wondering when she would feel a hatchet between her shoulder blades...
Her bare feet slipped in the glistening pool of blood that lingered, almost invisible outside the rays of moonlight

Cracking her head on the floor she really wished she'd worn shoes that evening...

Saff/B xx

Hair @ Magika (free subscribo gift this month)
Dress @ Adore & Abhor @ cinema
Bloody coat prop @ Zinnias
Eyes @ Banana Banshee

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