Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bring on the orange

I've never celebrated Hallowe'en in real life, never been trick or treating and I've never been to a Hallowe'en party.
But I absolutely adore this cute dress and boots set by *G Field* I don't think I'll take this off for a long time

I love the cutesy Peter Pan collar and the design is flawless, possibly my favourite mesh piece ever

I'm wearing the exile hair again, in honesty I didn't really like it at first but I've teamed it with MONS eyeliner which gives it a Dusty Springfield feel to it.
The bow comes with the FREE outfit

And the shoesssssss!!! I have these boots in brown and pink and the hallowe'en versions are amazing, I think the spider hanging from the cuff is a special touch!

The shoes aren't free but are really reasonably priced, under 100L (apologies, when trying to find out how much SL crashed on me!)

Saff/B xx

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