Monday, 23 May 2011

Bye bye essays

But hello exams!

I've noticed a different attitude to essays and exams, essays are dreaded from the moment the title is given to us yet exams are smacked in our face in the mad panic after the day our essays were due in! When I did my A Levels I began revision months in advance, and I mean months carefully timetabled when I would revise what subject and social life was scheduled to within an inch of it's life!

Mind you, I guess now as a nursing student I practice my exam revision over and over again when I'm in work, the only thing I need to revise is the theory behind it as it'd be so ingrained in my head that I wouldn't need to revise the actual technique I'd just (hopefully) know it on the day!

But then again, maybe my rationalisation of this is just me creating a major effort in procrastination from the actual job in hand and that's learning my medication list and concentrating on some smart ass phenomenologist who decided to conduct a study that proved completely and utterly inconclusive! Phenomenon? Je pense non!!

Sigh, back to work


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